BitDam ATP for Email scans files and links to detect and block malicious attachments and URLs embedded in emails before they can be delivered. BitDam uses a baseline knowledge of normal business application usage and creates a whitelist to determine whether a file or link is malicious. The anomalous detection approach stops all unfamiliar attacks without accessing intelligence or reputation feeds.

This is a highly elastic tool that scans content across channels before delivery to protect from known and unknown content-borne threats. It integrates with different collaboration channels, leveraging API technology to deploy itself across these channels and other business applications. Every email is scanned. Those found to be malicious are quarantined in the BitDam cloud, solving malware at first sight without interfering with existing email architecture.

The modern-looking dashboard supplies valuable, at-a-glance information regarding malicious emails. Administrators can apply a variety of filters to view different layouts and graphs. Clicking on the timeline of malware detections on the left side of the dashboard will bring up a list of all files determined to be malicious. BitDam provides drilldown functionality for each file with immediate access to important file details, including email headers, malicious behaviors, macros and unintentional user malpractice.

BitDam can detect unknown threats at an impressively quick and accurate detection rate compared to other email security products through patented CPU-level application learning technology. Every new file or link passes through a model that compares application flow against its current knowledgebase. Mismatches are deemed alien code that then are extracted and blocked.

BitDam even has a free Breach and Attack Simulator (BAS) that administrators can access through the dashboard and their website. The simulator has approximately 100 attack samples. Once executed, the simulator issues a malware protection-level score, a detailed breakdown and review of its results and any mitigation suggestions.

Overall, this product impressed us with its ease-of-use, its quick, one-minute cloud deployment and its ability to integrate with any collaboration tool with only two clicks. BitDam requires no security updates or time for historical learning. It offers a remarkable level of pre-delivery protection from both known and unknown threats with almost no false positives.

Pricing is based on the total number of email accounts but ranges from $18 to $27 per user/year. This annual subscription pricing includes Premium 24/7 maintenance and support. Standard 8/5 maintenance is offered as an alternative to Premium and reduces the overall price by $1 per user.

 Tested by Tom Weil