BitDefender Corporate Security is a security and management solution which delivered proactive protection from viruses, spyware, rootkits, spam, phishing and other forms of malware.

When we loaded the product on our test server, it required some dependencies so that it could load its SQL server and Crystal reports for .NET Framework 2.0. We had an issue with remote administration and discovery of our endpoints. We had ICMP blocked on the Windows Firewall and had to enable it for the deployment of the client software. The administrator credentials were also required for the remote installation.

The product provided for Anti-virus, anti-spam and firewall module. The firewall module automatically detects the type of network a computer is connected to and applies specific security profiles. Zero-day threat heuristics are part of the solution. Protection is provided for the file system and registry from viruses, spyware and rootkits. Additional tools that are available to the administrator include policy templates and custom policy creation, WMI scripting with templates, and automated and scripted deployment tools for BitDefender products.

The software has a nice feature in its Network Builder that automatically detects the initial endpoints and detects new stations as they are added to the network. This solution comes with a price, however, in that you have to have ICMP enabled through the firewall on the endpoint. You have other options if you don't wish to use this feature, and you can import from Active Directory.

Additional options available include protection for file servers, email servers and SharePoint.
Free customer support is available with license purchase and is available via email, phone or chat.

Overall, the product provides good malware protection. It's a little more complex to deploy than similar products and the management interface requires time and training to get used to. The documentation was very well done and complete and helped us in our effort to learn the management interface.