GravityZone Ultra is poised as an integrated layered next-gen endpoint protection and easy-to-use endpoint detection and response (EDR) platform. The goal of this combination is to protect enterprises against even the most complex cyber threats. It offers prevention, automated detection, investigation and response tools, enabling enterprise customers with limited resources and technical skills to protect their digital assets and respond to these threats.

GravityZone Ultra is a unified solution as it was built from the ground up, with prevention, detection, investigation and response mechanisms built into a single agent, which you can manage from a single console.

Bitdefender has been in the machine learning realm since 2008. They hold several patents aimed at complex machine-learning algorithms enabling the technology to identify modern threats. Bundling multiple EDR technologies into endpoint security suites is becoming more common, trending toward being a standard. GravityZone Ultra features EDR, which focuses on monitoring endpoints to detect suspicious activities and capturing data for forensic and security investigations, rather than blocking exploits or malware.

GravityZone covers a wide range of endpoint environments. A typical installation environment consists of more than 1,000 endpoints in an enterprise environment. The majority are workstation endpoints, though 35 percent can be allocated on VDI, physical, and virtual servers.

GravityZone Ultra also offers add-ons, such as integrated patch management and full disk encryption. The integrated patch management add-on allows automatic patching on all devices whether you are on-site or remote; priority patching is in accordance with security levels. GravityZone can be deployed on physical endpoints, virtual machines in private or public clouds, and Exchange mail servers. The management console is available in the cloud or as a virtual appliance, including a Linux virtual appliance. Both are on-premises solutions.

When you first login to the GravityZone portal, a user tutorial greets you. You also have a few options such as installing GravityZone on your local computer, sending email invites for multiple installs, and creating an installation package which you may use for other companies. Even though this seems like a simple ease-of-use feature, this is a nice addition since it will cut down on setup time and the need to reference start-up documentation for the initial setup.

We ran GravityZone through a few tests with the payload consisting of ransomware and credential theft. GravityZone blocked every instance of ransomware that we threw at it, including credential theft. All in all, this is a formidable solution that demands your attention.

  -  Matthew Hreben

tested by: Matthew Hreben