BlueSecure from Bluesocket is a leader in its field. Why? Because while most wireless security products are not able to detect anyone walking up with a wireless capable computer and connecting to their network, BlueSecure detects computers, access points, or any other type of wireless connection device.

BlueSecure creates a system that will detect all wireless devices including a/b/g RF ranges within the sensors range. It also can create reports and send them via email to the administrator, so that they do not have to constantly monitor the system. BlueSecure also supports the capability to shut down rogue access points that it is either unsure of or known to be rogue points.

The device offers its clients full system integration – it can track and maintain the status of all access points and wireless connections within sensor range. With this capability it puts BlueSecure ahead of the competition.

It has the capabilities of normal tracking and reporting software for networks. It can detect certain types of hacker attacks, such as war driving attacks. This ability to detect and stop attacks through the air waves leaves the users of BlueSecure a step ahead of the competition, because most do not detect intrusions until after the system has been compromised.

Every vendor must provide technical support to their clients to complete the sale. Bluesocket provided high-quality support to all needs addressed during the installation and setup of the software. It gave me a personal representative to help me with any and all questions and setup problems, who was still available for questions on any operations of the software and hardware even after initial setup.

Many companies send you through an ACD network before giving you to a technician who most likely read answers to problems from a book that has been built with most problems. But Bluesocket technicians are well versed in the workings of their software in both setup and troubleshooting of problems.

In all, this software is well worth the cost of nearly $3,000 for both the software and hardware to protect your network.