According to the company, CA DataMinder Classification "discovers and classifies sensitive structured and unstructured content stored within file servers, databases, collaboration tools and storage repositories. It then makes classified content consumable for third-party IT and security software products." While that's a pretty big order, DataMinder Classification does, indeed, get the job done.

This is a product that focuses on regulatory compliance and does a fine job in large enterprises. In such environments, it is not uncommon to not know where data resides. This is the proverbial case of not knowing what you don't know. The first task for DataMinder is discovery, and it has that task down.

Probably the most obvious benefit of this tool is that organizations no longer need worry about restricting file access based on limited granularity, such as storage location. As in a database where granularity of access is a common function, data discovered and classified by DataMinder applies granular classification up to not displaying a file if the user has no access to it.

As with most modern data classification tools, DataMinder Classification uses persistent metadata to carry the classification requirements with the document. We found the product to be user friendly and exceptionally transparent. It is a bit pricey, but as with other high-end classification tools, the responsibility it carries is significant. When the security of the organization is carried in the documents it shares - as is the case with most of today's organizations - protecting those documents is of paramount importance. As well, we did not find the tool's pricing out of line with its mission.

At a glance

Product DataMinder Classification

Company CA Technologies

Price $20,000 per server.

What it does Broad-based data discovery and classification across the enterprise.

What we liked Comprehensive data classification and management functionality.