The Centrify Suite provides administrators a way to integrate UNIX, Linux and Mac OS X users into the already existing Active Directory structure for seamless user and policy management across the enterprise. With this product, administrators can control who logs on to which systems, as well as enforce security policies and consolidate user accounts for added security and auditing of user access.

Installation and deployment is done in several parts, but most are straightforward and easy to do. The initial setup is done by installing the Windows-based management tools. These all plug directly into the Active Directory structure for easily managing users and computers throughout the enterprise. Once the tools are installed, the administrator must create the computer groups within Active Directory for UNIX, Linux and Mac machines. From there, the client-side installation can be done on the various machines via a simple installation script.

Most management can be done natively right in the Active Directory Users and Computers management console on a domain controller, so creating group policy and managing accounts is seamless and comfortable. This tool also features solid auditing of user account access, including monitoring for and reporting on suspicious user activity for added security.

Documentation includes several PDF manuals and guides. Each of the components to the Centrify Suite has its own quick-start, as well as administrator guide. We find all to be well organized and easy to follow, complete with clear step-by-step instructions and screen shots.

Centrify offers many subscription-based support levels with various options, including phone- and email-based technical assistance, as well as access to a web portal. This includes a knowledge base, download center, case submission and tracking, product documentation and other resources.

At a price starting at $350 per server, we find this solution to be an excellent value for the money. The Centrify Suite provides a way to easily, efficiently and seamlessly manage account access throughout the blended enterprise.