Citrix Password Manager is intended to manage all aspects of password use in a medium- to large-sized enterprise. The program operates through an ASP SSL encrypted session for all but the product’s administration tasks. Citrix Password Manager includes components for user provisioning, password self reset, and user password synchronization. The program is slick in its approach and seems to provide very useful services without adding difficult administration and other bloat that would make the product more complex and cumbersome to manage and use.

Because the functionality is limited, we looked closely at how well the product implements the overall task of password management — its intended core capability. Although the Citrix Password Manager product only implements a limited subset of the features of identity management, the features that it does implement it does well. We were pleased with its password management and its unique approach.

Password Manager installed easily with guided wizards. The only configuration that took extra time was ensuring the appropriate configuration of the certificate services on the host OS. Once the certificate services were installed, the installation was straightforward and help was not needed to complete the installation.

Documentation for this product is in the form of PDF files that are indexed and searchable. Most common topics were easy to find with good solutions provided.

Cirtix offers most common support options including phone support. The self support option through the Citrix website is very well done and includes an extensive knowledge base, FAQ and hardware troubleshooting options.

Password Manager was among the priciest of the per user license options and could have included more features for the price. For the price we expected more than the few features present in the Citrix product. However, for the limited functionality it has, it performs quite well.