F-Secure Client Security 7 hosts several features that make the battle against harmful malware coming into a network, or already at rest inside, a lot easier. Two features make this product highly functional. The first is called DeepGuard. This is a host-based intrusion prevention system that enables the product to adapt and see possible threats that are unknown. The second feature is called BlackLight. BlackLight searches for problems below the surface or that lie hidden in programs, such as rootkits.

We found this product to be quite easy to use. Installation only took minutes. The installer loads all necessary product components. Once installed, we opened up the management console and had clients deployed and scanning almost instantly. The management console itself is intuitive and easy to navigate.

This product has the combined ability to find computers based on Active Directory and to easily deploy and manage clients. We found this product to be efficient. F-Secure Client Security 7 protects against all of the dangerous threats — such as viruses, network worm attacks, spyware, rootkits and zero-day threats — all in one place. This product also incorporates a firewall.

Documentation, in PDF format, is included on a CD. The documentation we received consisted of a getting started guide and a reviewer’s guide. The getting started guide illustrated installing both the policy manager and the client. The reviewer’s guide details the basic configuration and functions of the product.

The purchase of a license includes support and maintenance service for one year. After one year, service can be purchased for an annual fee, which is usually 50 percent of the retail price. Support service includes email support within two business days. For urgent requests, telephone support is available during local business hours.

This product offers a large amount of protection for a fair price. We find that its ease of use, flexibility and extensive scope of protection make this product a great value for the money.