The CI-750 provides real-time content inspection allowing customers to protect against data loss across the network. The CI appliance helps protect against data loss whether the data is in motion, at rest or while in use. A single appliance can monitor out-bound email messages, web uploads, data repositories and client endpoints. For larger deployments, users need only add one or more Inspectors. CI agents, deployed to the endpoint to provide real-time and/or scheduled monitoring, can report to either the manager or a near-by Inspector. 

Content Inspection works by registering data that one wants to secure. This data can be in almost any form. As data is registered, the data is either represented by a "fingerprint," or is recorded whole (if it is short and discrete). Registered data is then incorporated into a policy. The policy can be associated with one or more inspection services (data in motion, rest, in use), and further focused to target selected users, groups, locations and more. In the case of data at rest, when the inspection service is run, it will scan every eligible file looking for any data that contains any bit of the registered data. For data in motion, it will scan the network traffic as it is transferred from one location to another. For data in use, agents installed on the endpoint will scan files as they are transferred to an external instruments, including USB products and also iPhones and MP3 players, as well as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi devices. Whenever protected content is detected, an incident is created at the CI Manager and the file can be blocked, passed, retained with the incident, or another action taken.

The system can support up to 20,000 users per appliance. Up to 50,000 CI appliances can be centrally managed. Content detection uses database fingerprinting by row and column element matching. In addition, the CI provides deep content fingerprinting, performs data pattern matching with more than 100 pre-defined data patterns (i.e., Social Security numbers, credit cards and driver license), lexicons and dictionaries. 

Installation documentation that accompanied the CI appliance was very clear and easy to follow. The checklist-style of instructions made it easy to follow. Due to difficulties within our lab, the demonstration was used as the primary means to get an understanding of the product. This is truly an amazing tool and worthy of attention.

Support fees are 18 percent of the cost of the combined hardware and software annually. Support features include software maintenance (patching and software releases), telephone support (two options available), and remote access support (additional on-site service and travel fees if licensee does not allow remote access servicing). Basic phone aid provides toll-free service 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. PST. Premium phone support is 24/7. Additional assistance include access to the company's knowledge base and a FAQ. Basic support cost is 18 percent of the combined hardware and software annually. Premium support is 24 percent of the combined hardware and software annually. Pricing of the hardware appliance starts at $10,000 per appliance