It is not always practical or even necessary to take a laptop on a trip, so a little more steel is needed to be sure of its safety while it is unguarded. That is a job for CompuClamp. This aptly named solution provides a secure fixing for a laptop rendering it immobile. And it isn't a permanent feature; the clamp can be moved to any office desk, hotel room or wherever it is needed.

As its name implies, Compu Clamp takes a firm hold on a computer, fixing to a desk or table with a vice-like grip. Made of 5mm steel, the clamp has a bar and padlock, which secures the tightening screws on the underside of the clamp. Not only is it sturdy, it also helps secure an insurance deal. It comes in red, black or cream, and for corporate use special orders can be taken to ensure uniformity.

This solution impressed us with its rigidity when in place last year, and the company promises a new model soon that will be even better. As for fitting, any DIY novice can install it in a few minutes.

It is supplied with everything required and includes pads to affix to the selected laptop, with the necessary instructions for a clean and secure bond and hand tightened screws, then the bar and padlock to secure it once in place using the patented Master Lock system.

Apart from providing a visual deterrent, this clamp is not easily removed, which is why computer insurers Safeware offer users a discounted premium.

What's more, this clamp does not damage either the laptop or any furniture it is attached to, if it is correctly installed. it can even be used for other products that are at risk of theft.

If you already protect your data with solid encryption and access control, preventing its physical theft will ensure that no one has time to break the data security you have carefully installed.

This hardware solution may be a little heavier than a cable, but it is certainly a great product for anyone who has to leave their computer unsupervised and in an office environment where laptop theft is rife, it will also protect company assets. The discounted insurance is an added bonus.