The CP Secure Content Security Gateway (CSG) 2500 v2.3.3.112 provides real-time scanning using its own patent-pending stream-based technology. This dual scan engine approach — one engine created by CP Secure and the second an integration of a Kaspersky Labs anti-virus engine — is able to protect all common protocols: HTTP, SMTP, POP3, IMAP and HTTPS. A massive, automated update signature library of malware, spyware, worms, trojans and other vulnerabilities provides comprehensive protection to changing threats. The appliance can be installed inline within the corporate architecture without a reduction in performance and is seamless to users.

This product is fairly easy to use. Initial setup can be done in one of three ways: by a serial console connection, a web interface or directly on the LCD screen. Once the initial configuration is complete, all management is done through the web interface.

While this product does have some nice features, we found it was not as simple to configure policy, and policy options were quite limited. Most policy options are quite broad and offer limited flexibility. However, it can plug into Websense Enterprise for an extra boost of functionality.

Documentation is above average, due in part to the appliance’s easy to setup character. The documentation is thorough — from unpacking the appliance to final configuration using a step-by-step approach that is simple to understand. Administrators at most skill levels will have no problem with a successful deployment. The administrative and supporting documents are short, to the point, and include numerous charts, diagrams and screen shots.

Support of CSG consists of live 24/7 and virtual online assistance. As phone support is live, there is no need to leave messages or deal with answering systems.

At a price just shy of $30,000, this product is at the high end for this type of product and is an average value for the money. We find that its overall cost of ownership probably doesn’t quite justify its high price tag. That said, once it is configured, it offers good protection and integrates well into the enterprise.