There is an increasing reliance on portable devices, (PDAs, laptops, wireless devices), which might be used within the campus or from a broader external roving perspective – often utilizing untrusted networks. This situation creates challenges for data security. The busy systems administrator now has a host of issues to understand and integrate into a coherent and effective corporate policy. Enter Credant with its Mobile Guardian product.

Credant understands the challenges posed by the proliferation of mobile devices and has developed an architecture capable of managing this increasingly complex situation. With Credant Mobile Guardian you can administer a broad mix of client devices from Windows-based laptops and desktops to PDAs and smartphones using PocketPC, PocketPC Phone Edition, Windows Mobile, or Palm OS 3.5 and above.

This is achieved via a three-tier architecture comprising an Enterprise Server (duplicatable for scalability), an intermediate Gatekeeper (to ensure that only bona fide devices connect) and the Client agent.

Installation routines for these are clear and concise and should present no problems to the experienced systems administrator.

However, a thorough study of all the relevant documentation is advised prior to installation to understand how everything hangs together. This is facilitated by comprehensive manuals on the CD in PDF format (printed copies of which were supplied for review).

Credant Mobile Guardian should not be thought of as a plug-and-play encryption product, but rather as a philosophy for security in the connected business world. When considered this way, Mobile Guardian has much to offer the serious systems/security administrator. Secure communication and stored data encryption are supported, making this a potentially versatile and comprehensive solution.