Cryptzone Secured eFile and Secured eUSB are part of the Simple Encryption Platform (SEP). Secured eFile is a file and folder encryption application for network share drives, desktops, laptops, CD/DVDs, USB flash drives and USB external hard drives. The Secured eUSB flash drive encrypts any brand, model and size flash drive. Secured eUSB, using the Enterprise Protection Method, builds on Active Directory (AD) integration and authentication, and automated key management. Secured eCollaboration is document encryption for the Microsoft SharePoint application.

Installation was surprisingly straightforward. There are three components to install, but by following the quick-start guide and built-in wizards, one can't go wrong. The admin will need to have a SQL server already set up with a user account that has rights to create databases. After that, the install will do the rest. The license activation was a bit of work. We needed to go through the website to enter a key and create a "database profile" that provides the input option for the key generated, and finally, that generates an activation code.

Full AD integration is available, and all one needs is user credentials with read access to the domain. The custom client installation files are generated as part of the install process (one can go back and generate new ones at any time). The client files are easily deployed via group policy object (GPO) through the AD integration.

Encrypted file stores can be configured with multiple authentication types. For example, there's a master password that can be set up to allow access to any encrypted device, file, folder or disk.

Reporting was very good. All the usual user information was available, and a clean search feature allows one to look across the enterprise for specific files.