The Cyberoam CR-SSL-800 from Elitecore Technologies Ltd. provides an SSL VPN with a twist. This product not only provides remote access to applications and network resources, but it also includes some endpoint scanning and NAC capabilities built in for added security. With the Cyberoam SSL VPN users easily and securely can access clientless and client-based functions right through a web-based portal.

We found this product to be fairly simple to deploy and configure. The hardest part of the deployment is the initial configuration. This product uses a certificate-based authentication scheme for the initial sign-up of the first administrator, which involves a process that can be confusing at points. Once that part is done, though, we found this product to be fairly straightforward to manage and configure.

This product has some very customizable features that allow for control at very granular levels. This anables a great amount of flexibility. Policies also can be configured based on the security level of the client computer. The endpoint scanner can grant or deny access to secured resources if the client does not meet the policy defined by the administrator. This ensures that access to network resources cannot be compromised and malicious traffic cannot pass through the firewall.

Documentation included a quick-start guide, as well as an administrator guide, both in PDF format. The quick-start guide offered short, step-by-step instructions on how to connect the appliance and configure the first administrator to get the appliance up and running. The administrator guide takes over after that and details advanced configuration all in easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions with many screen shots and configuration examples.

Cyberoam offers technical support as part of an agreement that can be purchased by customers in one, two, and 3 year increments. Support includes phone and email based technical support as well as product updates and upgrades and access to online resources. Customers also can find free support on the website in the form of a knowledge base.

With a price of about $2,800 for the appliance, a 10 concurrent user license (licenses available up to 100 concurrent users), and one year of support, we find this product to be a good value for the money. This solution features some excellent SSL VPN capability along with endpoint scanning for an added layer of security all for a reasonable price.