Cyberoam CR1000iNG-XP is a next-generation firewall appliance that includes VPN, email, anti-virus, HTTP and HTTPS and FTP anti-virus, anti-spam and IPS with custom signatures inside the modular appliance. Cyberoam is extremely versatile and expandable with room for four additional modules on the appliance and license subscriptions to enable different features.

Cyberoam setup was incredibly easy. It was plug and play. We put it in the rack, ensured we could connect and connecting to it internally required minimal effort. Web filters are a simple set of checkboxes and quality of service (QoS) is the same. Setting IP through a console cable or the push button GUI found on the faceplate was easy. Cyberoam was preconfigured to automatically do all of its base functionality out of the box. The only real configuration needed was when we wanted to access some of the more advanced features.

The tool's VPN has a slew of options: SSL VPN, IPsec, PPTP, L2TP and Cisco VPN Client. Cyberoam also includes denial-of-service (DoS) prevention into the firewall, anti-virus and email security. It keeps traffic logs and can create compliance reports.

Cyberoam CR100iNG-XP allows for high availability - a must for any enterprise environment. It can identify attacks and their severities according to your environment. Setting up rules for a web app is easy as well, with sets of preconfigured rules and the ability to QoS different applications and web filters on networks with a level of granularity that is unique. We credit Cyberoam with some of the best scalability. Modules called FleXi ports enabled scaling between 10 and 42 ports on the particular model sent to us. Up to 42 ports enables some creative networking solutions and proper network segmentation that may not always be possible with some other next-generation firewall appliances. 

Cyberoam sent us extensive documentation. It was clear and screen shots helped us better understand the deployment. However, the product was easy enough to use that we rarely needed to reference it.

Support options include eight-hours-a-day/five-days-a-week through phone, email and web chat, with firmware upgrades and hardware warranties at $2,795 per year. 24/7 support is $3,445 per year. Cyberoam also offers a number of subscription types that include feature sets, including anti-malware filters, anti-spam, web and application filters, IPS and packages combining features sets as well.

Cyberoam Technologies CR1000iNG-XP is a comprehensive suite of tools designed to save the administrator time. Everything is straightforward. One caveat: Though it works well enough, for the money, we expected a little more out of it. However, Cyberoam has some of the best expandability in the market, so we recommend it for large-scale deployments and for businesses that are growing rapidly.  - BJ