The Cyclope Internet Filtering Proxy is an application that can be installed to a server within the environment to turn it into a web filter. This product is quite reminiscent of web proxies a few years ago, but it still provides some nice functionality and features. This product allows for web content filtering, as well as filtering file types, web objects and web extensions.

Installation is quite straightforward and requires nothing in the way of special hardware. The application itself can be installed on almost any Windows-based machine, which then acts as the server. Once the application is installed from the executable, all management is done through a simple web interface. This interface is quite intuitive to navigate, and we found it comfortable to use.

While this tool does not have a ton of features, it does offer some reasonable integration into the environment. Policy can be assigned using already existing users and groups in Active Directory, and the filter itself supports Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.

Documentation included installation and user guides, both in PDF format. The installation guide provided the steps to install the product, as well as how to configure the client machines to proxy through
the server. The user guide provided a fairly good overview of how to manage and use the product. Both guides included several screen shots and were easy to follow.

Cyclope includes the first year of technical support in the purchase price of the product. Customers have access to phone, email and remote assistance during this period. After the first year, customers can purchase additional assistance via a support contract. Customers also can access an online knowledge base for free.
At a price of $12 per user, this product is an average value for the money. It is a web filter in the most literal terms of being a web filter: It gives some good basic functionality, but without very many bells and whistles.