DarkOwl Vision facilitates the secure access and analysis of 1 billion indexed documents from various dark net intelligence sources. This product functions as the eyes and ears on the dark web and allows those that implement DarkOwl Vision to search the dark net safely, securely, and easily.

The software offers a way to uncover more of the information that exists on the dark web to identify any compromised information quickly. DarkOwl captures current and historical data, giving it a large footprint, minimizing the time it takes for security analysts to locate specific data, and maximizing the efficiency of their streamlined investigations.

The previous DarkOwl interface has undergone a much-needed redesign. The new version focuses on simplicity and ease-of-use and will no longer intimidate a C-level user or those unfamiliar with the dark net. But simplified usage does not mean simplified functionality. The new interface does not compromise the robust power that security professionals want and need.

The first page offers an easy-to-use search bar. Analysts may simply start typing to search and commence threat hunting. However, this page also includes a number of useful search builder tools that assist users with getting started, reducing the overall intimidation of threat hunting and avoiding some of the mistakes that inexperienced users sometimes make. These tools include a variety of query templates, search history, and saved searches. Users may conduct searches on a variety of patterns and tags, including social security numbers and credit card information. Saving previous searches will enable automated monitoring that will run cadences and then email the cadence results, a particularly useful feature for identifying leaked credentials.

DarkOwl also issues what it calls a “hackishness” score, an assessment that separates dark net signal from noise and that determines the level of risk posed by a particular threat or piece of information. The exposure score then displays trends regarding the amount of information contained on the dark net. It can determine, for example, how many email addresses and domains are identified on the dark net, based on current activity levels, the hackishness score, and the total volume of hits.

Overall, security pros will find DarkOwl Vision a powerful research tool that lets analysts conduct searches on the dark web and around it. The information searches can span all the way back to 2014, when DarkOwl first started collecting information. Because this product is so easy to use and contains rich information on threats and dark web content, it should appeal to most security professionals, including researchers, OSINT analysts, penetration testers, and incident responders. Law enforcement agencies will find this product particularly useful for investigating cybercrime and for conducting forensics on confiscated endpoints. Those looking for more traditional threat intelligence products should consider leveraging DarkOwl alongside other threat intelligence products for a powerhouse security stack. 

Pricing starts at $60,000 per seat license, per year and includes phone, email, and website support. Organizations also have access to a knowledgebase with understandable documentation, including API documentation to integrate this solution with other tools. This platform does not have reporting capabilities. Instead, leveraging integrations via the API or single text file downloads are recommended. 

Written by Katelyn Dunn

Tested by Tom Weil