This is a suite of products that covers fraud detection (heavily phishing-oriented), browsing protection, multifactor authentication and transaction anomaly detection. The company claims a proactive attack-detection rate of up to 75 percent. 

The Detect Monitoring Service runs continuously and gives a real-time view of connections and alerts. The institution's web portal runs a collection of scripts that collect information about the users who attempt to access the portal. That information is shipped to Easy Solutions' servers for analysis with the results returned to the institution. The institution can drill down on this moving histogram for a remarkable amount of detail.

This set of tools thrives on drill-downs. All of the pieces come together in dashboards and those dashboards offer significant analytic capabilities. One of the more interesting capabilities is its two-factor authentication. The "something you know," of course, is a ID/PIN combination, but the "something you have" is your computer. The system profiles your computer and you must login from a profiled computer in order to authenticate. I have used this on one of my personal bank accounts and it works smoothly and reliably.

Because all users are different, each poses individual risk. It simply is not practical to manually profile all users for risk. However, the system, through analysis of the user and their transactions, does that automatically, leaving, of course, the opening for a human to intervene in special cases. The effect is that every user is risk-managed individually with the financial institution establishing the risk analysis rules.

At a glance

Product Detect Monitoring Service, Detect Safe Browsing, DetectID, DetectTA

Price Detect Monitoring Service: begins at $7,000/year per domain; Detect Safe: begins at $30/year per end-user PC; DetectID: begins at $2/year per online customer; DetectTA: begins at $2/year per online account.

What it does Comprehensive anti-fraud protection focused on phishing/pharming.

What we liked We liked the completeness of the suite and the way the pieces work together. Also, the management and dashboard capabilities are excellent.