The Retina CS from eEye Digital Security is the latest vulnerability management tool in an ever-changing offering from eEye. This scanner takes the combination of the Retina Network Security Scanner and the Retina Insight reporting module and puts them together in a full Compliance and Security Management Console.
We found this solution easy to install, but it does require a fairly robust machine. The Insight reporting module requires a 64-bit installation of Windows Server and a lot of memory.

This tool is a beast when it comes to flexibility. If loaded up on good hardware with some add-on modules, this product can become a full-scale vulnerability and compliance management hub for an organization of any size. Furthermore, this product includes patch management capabilities for added value.

Documentation included installation and users guides for all the components. We found all these guides to be nicely organized and easy to follow, with many clear, step-by-step instructions and procedures. However, we did find them to be lacking in visual support. A few more screen shots and examples would have been helpful.
eEye offers standard and platinum options for phone and email tech support. Customers also can access a vast support portal with resources, such as documentation downloads and a knowledge base.

At a price of $8,000 for 256 IPs, we find this product to be a fairly good value for the money. The combination of scanning and vulnerability management tools that this product provides make it a solid value by itself. However, it does require some robust hardware to run on, which adds to the overall cost.