IdentityGuard from Entrust offers a plethora of multifactor authentication methods that can be used throughout the enterprise, as well as for customer-facing web applications, such as online banking and web-based account management. This product uses three types of authentication that can be combined and mixed and matched for solid multifactor authentication. Methods include the use of tangible devices, such as one-time password tokens, grid cards and digital certificates; knowledge-based authentication, including personal identification numbers; and transparent authentication, which includes IP geolocation and device-based authentication.

Deployment is quite straightforward, but there are several components to be installed and configured. The first module that needs to be loaded is the server itself. The IdentityGuard server can be installed on either a Windows or Linux machine, and the server includes all the necessary components for the server services, as well as the web-based components for management. IdentityGuard also relies on a backend database, which can be either Microsoft SQL Server or PostgreSQL. Once the database is configured and the server is installed, other modules can be employed. These include enrollment, user self-service and a mobile device.

We found overall deployment and management to be easy and intuitive. Management can be done either from a web-based management or application interface. We found both to be equally complete, as well as easy to navigate with intuitive controls. We also found this product to be quite configurable with many integration options. Administrators can use many combinations of factors that allow for stronger authentication to sensitive systems, as well as physical access to rooms or buildings. On the user side, we found the authentication methods to be well integrated and easy to understand.

Documentation is well-organized and includes several PDF manuals for  the various components. Each major asset has an installation guide, as well as a user or administrator guide. We found all documentation to not only be well-organized and easy to decipher, but also to include many step-by-step instructions, screen shots, configuration examples and diagrams.

Entrust offers three support programs to customers. These are paid annually and can range from 18 percent of the total software investment for the silver level, up to 22 percent for the platinum level. The silver level includes support Monday through Friday, 8 a.m.-8 p.m., the gold level includes Monday through Friday 24-hour support, and the platinum level includes 24/7 support. All programs include phone and email technical assistance, as well as access to updates, upgrades and patches. Customers with these plans also get access to an online portal, which includes a knowledge base and other resources.

At a price starting at $8 per user and dropping down to $3/per for large volumes of users, we find this to be an excellent value for the money. Entrust IdentityGuard provides not only many authentication options for users, but also flexible deployment and easy management.