The NetPilot Plus aims to provide easily deployable end to end internet connection security for small to medium-sized companies.

The product combines a proxy-based firewall and Network Address Translation. It also provides a comprehensive range of server services out of the box including web, email, file, DHCP, DNS and FTP server functionality.

This is combined with the capability to act as a file and print server for Windows environments. The integrated internet router offering ISDN and Dual Ethernet (for DSL) interfaces allow firms to easily share a single ISP account.

A key feature of the device is the inclusion of IPsec-compliant VPN functionality. As well as IPSec, the device supports CIPE (crypto IP encapsulation) which can improve throughput performance in environments that support the lightweight and simple protocol from end to end. In such environments, the unit will automatically default to CIPE, but otherwise reverts to IPSec.

The unit does not, however, have the option to add IDS or IPS.

In addition, the device ships complete with licenses for value-added services including subscription-based boundary URL filtering from specialist firm N2H2, which offers centralized URL-based filtering that can be customized and profiled to manage the surfing of individual users or user groups.

The final piece in this boundary security jigsaw comes in the form of a two-pronged anti-spam service. This comprises Spam Assessment that can identify and delete spam email before it reaches the desktop.

The second tier is made up of SpamCop, which filters traffic after it has run checks on incoming email against databases of all known spammers.

In order to set up the various third-party security services listed above, each needs to be registered after firing up the NetPilot's web-based central management console from its default IP address.