Access Management is a piece of Evidian's larger Identity and Access Management Suite. The Access Management piece of the suite provides three main functions: The first function is the Authentication Manager, which helps control strong authentication and password management. The second piece is the Enterprise SSO, which helps provide single sign-on capabilities to Windows, Linux and web-based applications. The final piece of ties into single sign-on and it is the Web Access Manager, which provides clientless single sign-on to web applications.

We find installation to be reasonably simple, but it was not without effort. Since this is a multi-piece product there are several installations that must be done to get everything up and running. The initial setup involves installing the controller software and administration tools on the server and then deploying the clients on the various workstations. We did find that installation was quite straightforward with the help of some good integration throughout the product and helpful installation wizards.

As for the functionality of the product itself, we find it to have some solid single sign-on capabilities, but without the additional tools in the suite, including user provisioning and policy management, this product does lack some functionality for whole user lifecycle management. With that said, however, what it does it does very well.

Documentation is comprised of several PDF manuals. These include various quick-start, installation and administrator guides. We find all documentation to be well organized and all the documents work together without becoming confusing.

Evidian offers full support as part of a contract. With this, customers have access to technical assistance, as well as product updates and upgrades.

At a price starting at $72 per user, this tool can be quite expensive for its limited feature set. We find it to be an average value for the money because it does have some nice functionality, but it lacks in other areas.