F-Secure's Mobile Security for Business v5 offers protection for business smartphones and can be centralized for protection monitoring by IT administrators. The product we evaluated came in two parts: a mobile application loaded on a Windows Mobile device and access to F-Secure's Mobile Security Mobile Service, a hosted offering for device management.

Mobile Security for Business includes anti-virus, anti-spyware, a firewall and a remote control anti-theft feature that can safeguard confidential information on mobile phones. Updates generally are provided via advanced SMS or data connection.

Mobile Security has support for most Symbian and Windows Mobile devices. We tested on a Windows Mobile device using F-Secure's hosted centralized management application. We used the F-Secure Mobile Services portal to centrally monitor the protection status of the smartphone. Through a simple SMS message, the administrator can send the service activation key code directly to the phones and monitor the service subscription status with a standard web browser.

Security features include anti-virus, anti-spyware, firewall and anti-theft features, such as remote locking, remote wiping and theft control, although anti-theft features are only available for S60 third and fifth edition smartphones. Application updates are encrypted, but no native support exists for file encryption at rest or in motion.

The centralized management interface did provide a nice tool for managing devices and viewing event data. There was no reporting capabilities or alerting available. The device-side offering was impressive and easy to use. The management interface did not offer much more than simple device management.

Basic support provides 24/7 email access and nine hours a day/five days a week phone support. Enhanced support options are available for an additional fee. The documentation was complete and easy to follow.

The device solution was very nice and full-featured, lacking only file encryption. However, the management interface was less than expected for an enterprise-class solution.