F-Secure Protection Service for Business, Computer Protection Premium operates as a cloud-native solution that saves analysts time in deploying, managing and monitoring security because of its integrated patch management, layered protection and advanced behavior and heuristic analysis. It delivers effective and consistent protection for all endpoints. With its cloud-native platform and third-party system integrations, F-Secure can even simplify security for MSSP multi-company management.

Built-in patch management makes security management easy because it identifies and mitigates software vulnerabilities within a system. It also detects application vulnerabilities through the Software Update, which conducts background scans to identify all installed applications and determine whether they are up to date. Analysts may then patch outdated applications manually or configure F-Secure to do so automatically.

The Application Control Premium feature minimizes attack surfaces by implementing several exclusion rules that then restrict the applications that may run. Administrators may create multiple types of rules and conditions to trigger an exclusion.

DataGuard is another premium feature that bolsters security postures and adds functionality. Its proactive protection and customizable behavioral rules monitor protected folders and detect malware attempts, blocking suspicious application activity. DeepGuard, the counterpart to DataGuard, operates as the final layer of security. It uses the proactive behavioral analysis engine to assess the activity of files that make it through the prevention layer. DeepGuard assigns all applications a risk score that indicates the probability that an executed process will harm a system. If it cannot verify the safety of an application, DeepGuard begins monitoring its behavior.

The product has clean and easy interface to navigate. The main dashboard shows an overall security status with highlighted information that includes the number of protected hosts, the status of software updates, as well as the protection status of any mobile devices in its care. From the overview page, analysts may easily remediate issues. The cloud-based Management Portal powers the multi-company support that includes multiple user accounts and an information overview of the security posture for all managed companies. Security Events shows all alerts and associated details in one single location. We really appreciate the storyboard views in other products and are disappointed to see that F-Secure requires an add-on for that functionality. However, the plain English event details offer tremendous context into all events that have occurred. Analysts may leverage these event details to create an exportable report. They may also choose from other exportable reports or schedules that give an overview of all existing infections within an environment, that highlight all infected computers, and that reveal details about any associated alerts.

Overall, F-Secure provides rich event context that helps analysts quickly identify malicious processes and understand their behaviors. It also offers efficient malware protection and real-time scanning that immediately handle all harmful items. We especially like the Software Update that ensures that applications always have current security patches.

Pricing starts at $19.40 per endpoint, per year and includes phone, email, and website support. Additional support options are available for a fee. Organizations have access to a knowledgebase, but we struggled to navigate it because of its clumsy and disordered content arrangement. We really appreciate the screenshots included in the documentation articles.   

Written by Katelyn Dunn

Tested by Tom Weil