HID on the Desktop is based on HID's naviGO technology, which manages the logon and logging functionality on Windows-based PCs. In conjunction with HID's contactless OMNIKEY reader portfolio and HID contactless credentials, such as HID Prox or iCLASS, HID on the Desktop provides the PC user a secure and convenient two-factor logon solution. naviGO Server is a pivotal software component of HID on the Desktop and is most often installed on a Windows 2003 or 2008 server machine with MS SQL Server 2005 as its database system and MS IIS for web services. The naviGO client component is installed on each client's Windows-based PC. An OMNIKEY 5321 reader is connected to each client PC.

The naviGO Server adds three major capabilities - roaming, enrollment and management services - to HID's already implemented hardware, strong authentication, issuance and lifecycle management. An added benefit of working with the HID solution is that users with individual contactless HID iCLASS cards or HID Prox Cards already in use for the door access system can now use these cards for both physical access and to logon to their respective PCs, according to their privileges stored in naviGO.

We tested both the workstation application and the server application. The desktop app was very easy to use and configure. The server application was rather hard and cumbersome to install as it requires quite a bit of Windows, AD and SQL manual configuration. Once we were finally able to get the software loaded, the rest of the configuration was through the browser-based console. The console is used for all configuration and management of the users and smart cards. A nice feature allows self-service enrollment, reset and renew capabilities.

HID Global offers no-cost Level 2 support via email and outbound telephone calls (during standard working hours) for the lifetime of the product.