The iBoss Enterprise Filter includes a massive array of protection from web-based threats, as well as control over applications and web browsing. This appliance features a massive URL database along with gateway-level protection from spyware, malicious code and phishing attempts. Also featured is a large application protocol filter that can block IM, P2P, streaming media and various file types.

We found this product to be easy to deploy and configure. The initial configuration is done manually by connecting either through a console port or to the initial IP address of the appliance through a web browser. Once connected to the appliance, the IP and network information are entered and the device can be placed into the network. All further configuration and management is done via the web GUI. We found the interface to be quite intuitive to navigate due to a well-organized layout.

Configuration is also quite simple. The box comes loaded with a decent default filtering policy that can be tweaked to match the needs of the environment, or the administrator can choose to create custom policies. Policies can then be easily deployed using existing Active Directory or eDirectory groups and users, or by IP address.

Documentation included a short quick-install guide that provides the steps to get the appliance up and running in the environment. There is also a more in-depth deployment guide that includes these same steps but with more detail and screen shots.

Customers who purchase the iBoss Enterprise Filter receive basic phone and email technical support, as well as access to an online knowledge base and other resources at no cost.

At a price of $1,500, plus $795 per year, activation fee, this product offers an excellent value for the money. The iBoss Enterprise Filter offers a nice feature set with easy-to-use controls for a reasonable cost.