Because of the complicated nature of today's enterprises, data discovery can be challenging. Sensitive Data Manager ties discovery to business issues making classification easier and more relevant. The process needs to be: discover, identify and classify data in the business context. That is exactly what this tool does. You cannot protect your data if you don't know where it is.

Searches can be performed using agents or agentlessly. This is what the developer calls a "split agent/console design." A console can perform agentless searches or you can place agents on Windows, Mac or Linux machines. In either case, the searches are managed by the data aggregator and policy engine. Applying the policies can result either in forcing or restricting user behavior. 

One thing we especially liked was its ability to classify legacy documents based on policy. As well, it integrates cleanly with other systems, such as Active Directory. The end-user interface is lucid and easy to use and the product has integrated OCR-enabling character recognition from a variety of documents and document types. 

There are numerous reports and displays that allow users to see data in just about any way one can imagine. Automatic remediation is available, allowing data to be redacted or entire documents to be shredded. With its solid forensic audit trail it is perfect for data retention and eDiscovery. Custom reporting is easy - all drag-and-drop - and everything is done through the use of wizards.

Overall, this is about as complete as it gets with a clean, intuitive user interface and lots of features.

At a glance

Product Sensitive Data Manager

Company Identity Finder

Price Starts at $25,000 for 100 seats.

What it does Data discovery and classification.

What we liked Ease of use and comprehensive data discovery.