Kenna Security Kenna.VM is a modern, cloud-based SaaS vulnerability management solution that ingests, aggregates and processes heaps of data from several sources. It then automates data analysis with a patented algorithm that delivers accurate and quantifiable risk scores for all vulnerabilities within an environment.

Most vulnerability management solutions attempt to remediate everything on an environment, an ambition that too often results in imprecise security measures and IT friction born out of excessive patching.

Kenna.VM covers the full stack of integrated data, from infrastructure to applications and IoT. This ingestion platform does not need to leverage a built-in scanner. Instead, it supplies a massive list of connectors that integrate with third-party scanners. When we first tested this solution, we received an error message when we tried to add in data from one of the supported scanners. However, once we searched the Kenna Security database, we easily found a solution with effective documentation that walked us through the connector process.

The Kenna.VM dashboard and overview page both impressed us. We could easily digest the insightful information they provide. The dashboards are flexible, customizable and sharable. We really liked the dashboard risk meter, a scale of 0 to 1,000 that measures the average security risk a group of assets poses to an organization. The risk meter measurement excludes assets with no vulnerabilities. Since a substantial number of vulnerabilities have no known exploits, Kenna.VM rightly focuses its efforts only on assets that pose security risk.

Modern vulnerability management solutions like Kenna.VM highlight the five percent of vulnerabilities that matter most according to business context, not simply CVSS-based scoring. This prioritization lets security teams remediate new vulnerabilities quickly, ultimately resulting in an impressive ROI through added security, IT and business value.

The platform is also easy to navigate. Users can simply and intuitively pull information from dashboards and add it into reports, and they may choose from several predefined report templates.

Overall, Kenna Security Kenna.VM offers undisputed, evidence-based, real-time threat intelligence and risk scoring focusing on active exploits. The comprehensive proprietary data science that backs Kenna.VM efficiently aggregates and analyzes scan data to provide role-based visibility and guidance on personalized and usable remediation insights. Kenna.VM is a boundary-free, scalable, threat intelligence-based solution that can help align their business and security needs.

Pricing starts at $21 per asset for an annual subscription and includes 24/7 platform support and 8/5 standard phone, email and website support. The help center is well designed and has a built-in ticketing system. Organizations have access to a knowledge base. Additional support options are available for a fee.

 Tested by Tom Weil