Last year we looked at the LapLink Gold solution, which has continued to improve over the years. This year is no exception. Now integrating three products into one to deliver LapLink Everywhere DELUXE, LapLink, Inc. is determined to improve remote access capabilities for the user without compromising on security.

With the first product in this suite you can access your PC from anywhere using a web browser to retrieve email, files or folders. LapLink Everywhere is a service that is provided for one year after purchase as a part of the LapLink Everywhere DELUXE suite.

Installation is via the CD-ROM supplied, and is easy to accomplish. The Remote Network Accelerator solution ensures a fast connection whether wired or wireless. It provides the user with file transfer speeds that will save on valuable bandwidth and deliver the data in a much faster and efficient time.

LapLink has built its reputation on secure remote access with LapLink Gold, and this is the third product delivered in this suite. It still ensures synchronization and file transfers, but where needed it allows you to reboot your servers and other resources remotely.

Installation of the suite is simple and you can choose which products you want. With the LapLink Classic (formerly Gold) you can install the software and the cable drivers to allow synchronization between computers. The cables supplied to SC Magazine's reviews team were serial connectors, but LapLink can also supply parallel or USB cables.

Access control and authentication is taken care of with both password and user names, and all communication is secured by multi-level encryption. The case-sensitive passwords and lock-out facility protect against multiple attempts to log in, but your authorized users will be able to work remotely without being bombarded with difficult software, hardware and authentication methods.

With its multi-level encryption to protect your remote connections, you get an easy-to-use solution that protects your data. Now the passwords needed for authentication are case sensitive the security has been tightened, although for established users it does mean rewriting their address book. Above all, it is easy to use so you and your workforce can access data safely when required and still work in a productive and practical manner.