The Lumension Endpoint Management and Security Suite (LEMSS) is an operational and security endpoint solution that uses a client/server architecture to protect client computers. Through a single agent, the tool delivers a modular approach and has components to help address patch management, anti-virus, configuration management, power management and application control.

While device control was not yet integrated into the suite at the time of our initial review (although it can be used as a standalone product), Lumension has since integrated the feature. The patch management module supports Windows, Mac, Linux and various UNIX platforms, while the rest of the endpoint protections are supported only on Windows-based clients. The server is installed on Windows server class machines using Microsoft SQL Server as the database.

The server implementation, policy creation and client deployment are easy and intuitive. We were able to get the solution up and running within a short timeframe. The management console is web-based and navigating the interface is fairly easy. The solution is unique among traditional endpoint security since it has asset management-based capabilities as well, which we thought were a different spin on endpoint management and protection. A good example of this is the product's ability to perform operational power management tasks on endpoints, which isn't traditionally a security activity in itself.

The documentation is average. There are PDF files and an HTML-based help file accessible from the administrator console, but we found the HTML help file could be polished up a bit.