Lumension Scan is a small piece of the much larger Lumension Vulnerability Management platform. With Lumension Scan, administrators can easily run comprehensive vulnerability and configuration assessment scans across the entire network environment. This tool allows the user to identify assets in the enterprise and run a number of checks for weaknesses on network machines.

We found this tool to be quite simple to install and use. The installation took only a few minutes and we were scanning as soon as it was completed. The application has an easy-to-navigate interface, and configuring and launching a scan is done just by clicking a button. The scan configuration dialog box pops up to start a new job and, after some fields are filled in, it is ready to go.

The power of this product comes in its ability to create dozens of reports on the fly. After a scan was complete, all we had to do was select the completed job, click the reports pane and generate the report we needed. Navigating through specific scan results for a target or a full vulnerability list is also quick.

Documentation included user guides for both the scanning engine itself, as well as the configuration management piece of the product. We found these to be quite comprehensive, but the format was organized more like a book rather than a manual. There are no step-by-step instructions or examples, just paragraphs explaining features and functions. While the format was a little uncomfortable, the language was quite clear, which made it fairly easy to follow.

Lumension provides two support levels: standard is available at no cost, and premium is purchased annually as part of a plan. Both offer varying levels of phone and email technical support, as well as access to updates and other resources.

At a price starting at $8 per node per year, this product can become quite expensive for just a vulnerability scanner in large environments. We find this solution to be an average value for the money. While it does have some excellent features, it is just a vulnerability scanner without the extra modules, and the extra modules add cost to an already expensive product.