The McAfee Email and Web Security Appliance scans inbound and outbound email and web traffic. The solution uses the McAfee anti-malware engine and also leverages cloud-based intelligence for message, web, network, sender and file reputations. Built-in McAfee Data Loss Prevention (DLP) technology includes dictionaries, document fingerprinting, compliance and validation tools.

The offering scans both email and web content and supports SMTP, POP, HTTP, Internet Content Adaptation Protocol (ICAP) and FTP. We evaluated the offering as a virtual appliance. The product comes as either a physical appliance - with several offerings - or as a virtual platform that can run on hardware. The product can be implemented in either transparent bridge, router or explicit proxy modes. To reduce risk of running in proxy mode, an enterprise clustering option is available. There is also a virtual host option allowing users to partition off the single appliance to look like several hosts, allowing for great flexibility and configuration options.

It took some time to get the VM trial loaded, but once that was completed, we were in and working with the web-based user interface. The first impression was a good one. We really liked the dashboard that loads as the main screen. The dashboard gives a quick view into everything the product was securing. The panels were customizable and provided drill-down options for getting into the details.

The email options were very easy to configure. Standard virus and spam sections were supported by compliance filtering and content-handling capabilities. The web filtering configuration provided the typical categories one would expect and also had a compliance policy option. Further, there were a lot of options for customizing policies within the supplied framework.

Prices range from $8 (10,000-plus users) to $17 per user for the virtual appliance, and the appliance options range from $1,995 to $28,000.