Meraki Systems Manager offers simple, immediate and centralized endpoint device management. The beauty of this product is the simplicity. It is up and running within minutes and performs the basic functions necessary to manage and secure all network devices. It is also easily scalable, making it a viable option for organizations of any size.

From start-to-finish, top-to-bottom, this solution is very intuitive for many reasons:

Adding devices is made simple with accessible instructions for iOS, macOS, tvOS, Android, Windows and Chrome OS. Additionally, there are multiple options available for enrolling iOS and Android Devices, including code provisioning and leveraging QR-codes. These instructions are thorough and sufficiently explain how to get networks onboard.

The Meraki team has clearly devoted a lot of time and effort to refine the solution’s form and function. The user interface is clean and easy to use and the dashboard provides a lot of at-a-glance information. Unfortunately, widget configuration is not available, a basic feature that would give people the freedom to customize dashboards and create different views. But we appreciated the look and feel of the solution overall.

Another benefit of Meraki is that it is entirely cloud-based. New features and developments automatically populate within the console, free of charge. Cloud-based access points result in integration across the dashboard for deploying SSIDs. And Meraki frequently monitors subscribers’ usage so that it can tailor its product to their needs.

Apple Configurator is also integrated into Meraki, making it is easy to add a variety of profiles. Scoping tags in profiles may be created automatically or manually to group devices and automate deployments. Simplified logic is used to scope and configure groups. Administrators can also leverage Active Directory to import existing groups and apply configurations based on group membership.

Other basic features include geofences, configuration time blocks and data usage policies. Data usage resets on the first of each month, a setting that is not configurable. While many solutions reset on the first, we think organizations ought to set their own dates. Configuring data usage dates according to billing cycles makes more sense than arbitrarily basing them on the calendar.

Meraki Systems Manager is priced competitively compared with others in this space. Meraki takes pride in meeting the needs of those who just want to manage devices without all the bells and whistles other products offer. This product is frequently used by small- and medium-sized businesses as a straightforward inventory management tool. Meraki has had great success with this simplistic approach and anyone looking for a basic endpoint management solution should consider this one.

Yearly subscription pricing begins at $40 per device. Full 24/7 support (phone, email, website and lnowledgebase) is included with purchase of any Meraki product for the duration of subscription. A well-trafficked community site is available and is a nice addition to the very comprehensive, full 24/7 support included with purchase.

Tested by: Tom Weil