Sometimes dialing into access data just isn't enough, and NetOp Remote Control allows remote access for the control of multiple PCs. This allows users to remotely initiate work from a distant location on their office workstation, enabling work to continue when they are unable to physically be at their desk. It can also provide useful and cost-efficient support from administration for problem solving, staff training and observation, or simply data use, all rolled into one.

NetOp Remote Control secures the communication while allowing authorized access. Controlling a keyboard and mouse, and viewing the screen of a remote computer is made easy with this solution, which makes an ideal tool for administration and management purposes wherever the skilled user is located. This means that a business can employ an expert at one location, but the enterprise can benefit from his or her expertise in branch offices no matter how diverse they may be ­ geographically.

NetOp Remote Control supports heterogeneous environments and is truly cross platform, which makes it suitable for most enterprises. It is also easy to install and use. To enable the product to work you need to install the NetOp Guest and the NetOp Host. The Guest allows the computer running the Host to be controlled remotely and enables the administrator to provide the access required by a remote user. Both installations are well documented and easily achieved, and once up and running the software is simple to understand and navigate.

Apart from the main two modules of Guest and Host, there are other modules available to ensure you have a secure system of remote access in place. The Security Server enables recognition through correct protocol and enlists the aid of a database to house the required information for authentication. All protocol must be recognized to gain access to a session and the type of database will be down to the size of organization deploying the NetOp Remote Control software.

Sessions are encrypted as you'd expect, ensuring security is maintained throughout. Activity logging is also provided so you can check that nothing untoward has been attempted, making this a well rounded solution for more than simply data use from a distance.