Enterprise DLP from NextLabs provides solid protection against data loss and data leakage by using policy enforcers for file shares, laptops and desktops, as well as application integration with SharePoint, Outlook and Lotus. This product also can control document access and limit the use of unauthorized applications and devices throughout the network with the use of a single management and control center.

We found the installation to be fairly straightforward and simple. The process consists of installing the Control Center server, the Policy Studio, and deploying the Policy Enforcers (agents). The Control Center provides an interface for carrying out administration tasks, such as managing Enforcers, whereas the Policy Studio provides an intuitive console to design, build and deploy policies.

Policies can be easily configured and managed with direct integration into the already existing Active Directory users, groups and computers. We found that policies could be created to be quite granular or very broad, and could then be easily organized into various folders so locating them for deployment was simple. We found Policy Manager to be a useful tool as well. This application allows for an overview of policies at various stages, such as draft, pending, deployed and deactivated.

Documentation is abundant and includes several PDF guides that cover numerous sections of the product. While we found these guides to be very useful with a well-organized format, step-by-step instructions and many screen shots, we had trouble keeping track of which one we would need to consult to find what we were looking for. Streamlined documentation is key to finding answers efficiently and 20 different guides does not help to accomplish that goal.

NextLabs offers multiple support levels that include several support options, such as software updates and maintenance, email support, phone support, proactive support communications, access to a support portal, assigned technical support representative, and after-hours response, as well as other options. The web-based support portal includes a knowledge base, product downloads and product documentation.

At a price of $6,500 for the servers and $75 to $250 for the Enforcers, this product can become quite pricey. However, it does offer some flexible integration features, which is why we find it to be a good value for the money.