NICE Actimize covers most of the online fraud bases, including money laundering, case management, brokerage compliance and overall security. It is a truly high volume data processor. The processing engine resides in the financial institution's data center to minimize latency. Everything is done in real time. 

The application addresses fraud in two broad areas: fraud strategy and customer experience. This is broken down further into fraud detection, decisioning and operations. NICE Actimize handles several types of data, and can block, authenticate or refer a transaction for further investigation.

Deployment is analyst-centric, built around a workbench that allows an analyst to identify a suspect transaction as it is occurring and drill down for more information. There is a case management tool integrated with the system that helps the investigator track activities during an investigation and document evidence for further action. 

The workbench also provides tools that help the analyst research transaction history from a variety of perspectives, including the transaction, its source, the amount of the transaction and similar transactions, and more. Finally, the policy manager is exactly what one would expect from a tool of this level of sophistication. It is solid, easy to use, and has all of the creation/editing capabilities needed. Additionally, though, it follows the rule of four eyes: no new policy can be implemented by a single individual for security reasons. As a backup to that there are comprehensive audit facilities built in.

Overall, this suite is well thought-out and makes a strong tool for general fraud management.

At a glance

Product Actimize Remote Banking Fraud

Price Pricing models in the following areas: per component, per seat, fixed fee based on projected volume, enterprise pricing and customer solutions pricing. Pricing on request.

What it does Provides high volume, cross-channel monitoring covering web, phone, mobile devices and more.

What we liked  This is a well thought-out product from a company that really loves the fraud prevention business.