Novell Identity Manager by NetIQ provides comprehensive account management across enterprise systems, including physical, virtual and cloud-based environments. This product features powerful automation for provisioning and managing user accounts and resource access through its solid identity management framework, which provides role-based provisioning, data synchronization and auto-credentialing services.

Based on the needs of the environment, this solution can be installed and deployed in several ways providing full flexibility. The server component can quickly and easily be installed on a Windows, Linux or VMware ESX platform. Once the server is in place, all management is done through an intuitive management interface.

This tool offers a multitude of workflow and user management tasks to provide solid automation of managing user identity and access to resources. Users also can access a full, web-based, self-service portal to manage their accounts and request access to resources.

Furthermore, Novell Identity Manager by NetIQ provides a full audit trail and reporting on user resource requests and possible policy violations.

Documentation is comprised of several guides available in both HTML and PDF format. We find this to be quite helpful, though not very organized. Most of the documentation must be obtained from an area of the website and it can be a little confusing to find specific information. We would like to see a more streamlined way of obtaining technical documentation.

NetIQ offers support based on a contract. Customers can obtain basic or premium assistance based on the type of contract in place. Basic includes 12/7 phone and email technical support, as well as access to an online portal with resources, such as a knowledge base and user forum. Premium includes all access, as well as 24/7 phone and email assistance.

At a price of $25 per user, this product has a reasonable cost. We rate it a good value for the money based on its highly flexible and customizable capabilities.