Novell ZENworks Endpoint Security Management v11 hits all of the marks for a full-featured endpoint security product by addressing managing. It assesses or controls security at the endpoint, operates at the endpoint, offers central management, it is policy driven, and provides centralized reporting and alerting while operating at the gateway. The solution provides policy-based control over endpoints and removable storage devices, including the ability to automatically change security configurations depending on a user's role and location. By creating and managing policies from a central location, Novell ZENworks Endpoint Security Management makes it possible to implement and enforce tightly controlled, highly adaptive security policies without placing any configuration or enforcement burden on end-users.

The tool also offers client self-defense capabilities that provide assurance that security policies are not circumvented, as well as a complete suite of monitoring, alert, reporting and auditing tools. The offering secures IT assets with location-aware, policy-based solutions that protect the data on every device, control how endpoints communicate and access information, and monitors and maintains the health of endpoint devices from a single console.

Endpoint features that stand out includes the ZENworks Control Center which provides a web-based console. This allows management of the devices, messaging, patching, configuration and more. ZENworks also provides a wide array of solutions for addressing removable media, including USB devices, CDs, DVDs, MP3 players, floppy disks, ZIP drives, and more. Simple block and permit settings coupled with read and read-write options, encryption options, policy management and reporting are all wrapped in an easy-to-use dashboard making this product actually fun to use.

Documentation is primarily provided through a mature array of web-based documents, videos, downloads, technical training, a customer center, knowledge base, discussion forums, technical subscriptions and more. Installation was very easy to perform and we were up and operational within 45 minutes. As mentioned above, the dashboard provided an uncluttered yet full-featured environment to manage the endpoint functions. Reporting was clear and easy to understand.

Software assurance fees start at $17 per annum. Subscription licensing per device is $35 per annum and includes software assurance plus 24/7 support. Novell offers a 12/5 (standard) support option that also includes unlimited technical support, on-demand "First Look" training, and four-hour response time. Novell's (priority) support includes 24/7 access, unlimited technical support, on-demand "First Look" training, and two response times (Severity 1: one hour, and Severity 2 & 3: four hour). Software assurance is $17 per annum. Subscription licensing per device is $35 per annum and includes software assurance plus 24/7 support. Alongside standard and priority support, Novell offers a fee-based dedicated support professional to address specific requirements - for example: premium service engineer, project engineer, custom consulting developer, and more. In addition to the features above, Novell also provides website-based support, a knowledge base and a FAQ list.