Okta Identity Cloud is an identity-centric, neutral platform that secures enterprise data by enabling the management of all users, groups, and devices across an organization. It also gives developers the confidence necessary to focus their security design efforts on the user experience rather than security. Okta modernizes IT through cloud migration, a secure, zero-trust model for digital transformation, and a seamless customer experience. This level of flexibility requires a scalable, independent, and neutral platform like Okta Identity Cloud that addresses every use case and enables organizations to use any technology securely.

Conventional wisdom often indicates that identity depends largely on ecosystem interconnectedness. Okta Integration Network reinforces this idea, featuring more than 6500 integrations that help organizations innovate and leverage the best technology, including those that require custom integrations. With identity as its control point, Okta Identity Cloud comprehensively manages resource access through strong authentication, authorization, MFA, and adaptive policy.

Directories enable universal user identity storage in a flexible and extensible way. Many Okta directory integrations help simplify the provisioning process and reduce the manual labor typically involved with implementing an identity and access management solution. Administrators can either create groups manually or import them from other supported directories.

Okta includes extensive security capabilities in its platform. ThreatInsight ingests data from multiple sources, analyzes all of the IP addresses across a customer base, and then uses backend AI logic to locate troublesome IPs and authentication attempts. HealthInsight conducts live audits of security settings to assist administrators in readjusting configurations to enhance security postures and improve overall security profile health. The behavior detection engine cross-references new behaviors with workflow policies to determine the existence of suspicious behavior, such as superhuman travel, and implement appropriate responses. The workflows console is a powerful lifecycle management tool that uses logic to automate many processes and increase the speed and accuracy of detection and response. No scripting is necessary to create workflows. The GUI has drag-and-drop functionality and supports intuitive approaches like conditional statements and more.

Overall, Okta Identity Cloud is a flexible solution with an extensive integration network that covers every identity use case for any technology. The various out-of-the-box options like SSO, MFA, and provisioning, make this a very customizable identity and access management platform. Okta Identity Cloud reliably and efficiently enhances productivity and security, driving profitability and growth to maximize overall return on investment and to reduce the total cost of ownership. Given the threat landscape, Okta sees every company as a technology company these days and has designed Identity Cloud to have a real impact on and financial benefits for businesses across any industry.

Pricing is $14 per user, per month and includes 12/5 phone, email, and website support. This website support includes access to a knowledgebase with sufficient documentation and FAQ list. Additional support options and levels are available for a fee. Okta wants to ensure that its organizations successfully achieve their business objectives and maximize their business value. To that end, Okta seeks to serve as a strategic partner that mitigates risks and assists organizations with developing a strategic roadmap as their business needs evolve.

Tested by Tom Weil