The Proofpoint Enterprise Protection and Enterprise Privacy Suites work together to provide solid email content management and compliance to the large-scale entity. With the combination of these products deployed, the enterprise can protect itself from inbound and outbound spam and viruses, as well as maintain acceptable-use policy across the organization. Added functionality of the Enterprise Privacy Suite includes advanced regulatory compliance and privacy controls, for mandates like GLBA, HIPAA, and PCI.

The deployment of this appliance is straightforward and is guided by an intuitive setup wizard. The initial setup is done by connecting a monitor and keyboard to the appliance and setting the IP and network information. Once the network settings are complete, the setup wizard can be accessed through the web interface of the appliance. The wizard helps set up the initial configuration in a few easy steps, and the appliance is ready for advanced configuration.

All configuration and management is done through the web GUI, which has an intuitive design and layout. The navigation pane of the interface provides clear categories for management, and settings are quite simple to configure. This appliance also come loaded with out-of-the-box-ready compliance and data leakage prevention functionality.

Documentation included a short quick-start guide, as well as a full administrator guide. The quick-start guide provided clear setup instructions to get the appliance connected to the network.

Proofpoint provides 12/5 phone and email technical support, as well as access to a comprehensive online portal to all customers with annual licenses. Customers also can purchase additional assistance options for an extra cost.

At a price of $8,500, plus additional user license fees, this solution can be quite expensive. However, we find it to be a solid value for the money based on its comprehensive out-of-the-box functionality and ease of use.