Rapid7 InsightVM uses scan engines, agents and integrations to analyze asset data and assess vulnerabilities according to policies, compliance standards and configurations. Each of these features provides visibility and support for risk assessment, prioritization and remediation. This vulnerability management solution aims to bolster the security posture of modern environments and prove the efficacy of security investments. Due in large part to clear instructions and intuitive navigation, we found the installation process straightforward. Creating scan jobs was equally intuitive, and we had our first scan up and running quickly. To further simplify the scan process, users may choose from a variety of scan template options.

The dashboard is clean and modern-looking with intuitive navigation and easy-to-follow graphics. The solution offers several pre-built, widget-based and fully customizable dashboards that simplify the installation process. Risk scoring is a major component of vulnerability management, and in this regard Rapid7 delivers. Its machine learning-based unique Rapid7 Real Risk score ranges from 0-1,000, giving a wider range of risk for clearer vulnerability delineation. Rapid7 assigns a critical tag to all issues requiring immediate attention.

We sorted through vulnerability findings easily and quickly learned the reasons that certain issues were flagged, as well as the actionable means of remediating them. We also created automation-assisted patching simply and intuitively. Rapid7 locates problems and then syncs up with other solutions via the orchestrator to build patches. Administrators can choose to deploy these patches as they see fit, meaning that human decision-making truly drives the remediation process. The platform updates pre-built and automated actions daily.

Initially, we had some trouble understanding where in the platform to go to view reports. However, the help section got us back on track. Once we could view them, the reports impressed us. They are clean, organized and intuitive. Various reporting templates show different views of vulnerabilities. Overall, Rapid7 InsightVM is a valuable vulnerability management solution and one of the better options we tested this month. The threat intelligence Rapid7 provides gives InsightVM an edge in providing the visibility necessary to detect, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities. The automated remediation capabilities drastically reduce the time patching requires, yet still leave room for human decision-making prior to deployment.

Pricing starts at $22 per asset and includes 24/7 phone, email and website support. Customers have access to a knowledge base and FAQ list. Additional support options are available for a fee.

 Tested by: Tom Weil