This is one of those products that one would think is a no-brainer. Virtualized data centers can get very large and complicated. Managing is a challenge. So why doesn't someone come up with a unified approach to managing configuration, security, deployment and monitoring. It should be easy. After all, in a virtual environment we can spin up a management server with little effort and almost no cost. As it turns out, it's not quite a walk in the park. But, like a virtuoso musician who "makes it all look so easy," the clean simplicity of VMC's deployment is deceptive.

A lot of thought clearly went into this product. VMC takes advantage of the nature of a virtual data center. Part of that nature is that there is a lot of data moving on the virtual network. That data tells all about the environment - and if one can just collect and analyze all of that streaming data, it can be managed. And that is exactly what VMC does.

Some of the product's capabilities seem to flow naturally from the straightforward analysis. For example, if one is seeing all of the data in the enterprise, it follows that the user should be able to understand how the system is behaving. That, logically, includes capacity measurement, security and other types of monitoring. VMC can handle monitoring, performance and capacity, security and configuration management, all behind a single pane of glass.