Safend Protector protects an organization's information from loss and theft by monitoring, detecting and restricting data transfers from the endpoint. Safend Auditor provides organizations with the visibility needed to assess and manage vulnerabilities. The company also has modules for reporting and encryption that were not part of this review.

The Safend Protector and Auditor were loaded on our test server after loading and configuring .NET 2.0 and SQL server. The dashboard was laid out like a file cabinet with tabs across the top and multiple navigation panes below. We were able to find our endpoints by scanning the operational unit (OU). The tool identified devices and the active ports on those devices. This tool was valuable for knowing what was connected to the network at any point. We had to run this tool more than once as we learned that the endpoints have administrative access, but also required remote registry and file/print sharing enabled and ports 139 and 445 allowed on the endpoint firewall.

We were impressed with the management interface. It was one of the better ones we reviewed. It was easy to use and navigate. The server came with sample built-in policies and built-in, best practice reports for HIPAA, PCI DSS and SOX. We liked the customizable end-user messages that can be sent on specified policy violations.

With Protector, we applied customized security policies to all physical, wireless and storage interfaces. It also encrypts and enforces the encryption of all removable media devices. We liked the unique shadowing feature that allows for keeping secure copies of files or specific file types to and/or from removable media. There was no firewall, anti-virus, anti-spyware or IPS support, but the documentation did state that most of the top providers have gone through interoperability testing and were certified with Safend.

Safend provided a comprehensive port management and encryption solution. The documentation was very good. Basic support is provided with the license purchase and upgraded support is available.

Prices for Safend products depend on the number of seats purchased. For the Safend Protector, prices range from $13 to $32/seat; Safend Encryptor: $29 to $69/seat; Safend Protector & Encryptor: $32 to $89/seat; Safend Reporter: $5 per seat; Safend Auditor: $700 to $5,000/seat.