SecureAuth IdP is an identity provider - with a unique approach to securing user access control. With control of the device, applications and even the infrastructure moving out of the data center, IdP is the perfect solution to maintain secure control of user access to resources and data, whether on premise, in the cloud, on the web, via a mobile device or through VPN. SecureAuth IdP is sold as a subscription service and delivered as a preconfigured virtual server, a standard physical server or a high availability physical server. The product is an on-premise or cloud-based solution that allows single sign-on (SSO) and two-factor authentication for many enterprise environments, such as legacy web applications, VPNs/gateways, cloud resources or Windows Logon. This product also offers the security authentication concepts of "something you have," as well as the traditional "something you know."

The SecureAuth IdP was extremely easy to set up. We were sent the download link for the preconfigured virtual server, downloaded it and logged in with the provided credentials. Upon initial login to the account, the native install wizard began installation and we followed the documentation to finish integration into our network. Once installation was complete, we accessed the SecureAuth SSO portal and were able to easily manage various user accounts and credentials. All configuration and management for the server itself is done through the web-based management console that is implemented during installation. Users are easily added to the business environment and the admin can easily customize authentication methods for the users' portable devices.

The SecureAuth IdP environment can be easily integrated for users in a network to provide SSO and two-factor authentication. The two-factor authentication methods support the use of SMS OTP, Telephony OTP, Email OTP, KBA/KBQ, Static PIN, Help Desk, Kerberos, Yubikey, X.509, CAC/PIV cards, NFC, mobile OATH token, physical OATH token and push notification in the environment. The authentication methods can also be easily integrated with other on-premise applications such as SharePoint and Outlook Web Access, VPNs from Cisco, as well as cloud and mobile applications, such as Google, Salesforce, Apple iOS and Android. This is a great feature for those looking for secure authentication methods for "native" mobile applications.

For documentation we were given the link to a website. The documentation is clear and thorough providing the user with an appliance setup and administrator guide as well as guides for certain network and application integrations. The SecureAuth website also provides clients with access to an immense knowledge database to answer most questions and a plethora of other resources. For further assistance there is technical support by email and phone.

SecureAuth IdP provides its clients with a basic no-cost support option. If the user has a valid license, they are given all the following: The no-cost support provides licensed users 24/7 coverage support, ranging from 24/7/365 phone assistance as well as an email support staff. The response times range from as short as 30 minutes to up to one business day depending on the severity of the ticket. This is an interesting approach to aid and is definitely a cost-effective solution compared to other options.

Overall, SecureAuth IdP is the perfect solution for maintaining secure control of user access to resources and data, whether on premise, in the cloud, on the web, via a mobile device or through VPN. The product is easily setup and integrated into the network, has a great price point and offers great support.