SkyRecon StormShield is a client/server endpoint security solution offering a suite of computer protections, including host-intrusion protection, client firewall, anti-virus, encryption, device protection, application monitoring and more, through a single agent managed by a backend administrative platform. Endpoints are typically deployed on Windows-based clients, and the server architecture runs on Windows systems using Microsoft SQL Server as its database.

We found StormShield to be easy to deploy from both a server and client perspective. The solution itself has a lot of endpoint security features and options that are highly customizable. The administrative user interface is a little rough around the edges, so learning how the various policy options work takes just a little bit of a learning curve. Even knowing the look and feel of the solution isn't at the highest level of quality, the numerous features and security options are hard to ignore at such a great price point. A combination of licenses unlocks the features for the various modules within the solution, and these can be used as needed.

For organizations looking to replace traditional host-based security defenses, such as anti-virus and firewall, and bolt on encryption, device control, host intrusion prevention and other features, StormShield is definitely worth a look. The endpoint agent also can help to move several common Windows-based protections into the agent, such as managing wireless access. For administrators looking for yet another level of control over their hosts, the scripting feature of the solution will be useful.

Documentation should provide all the necessary information to get up and running, but there is a lot to take in given the number of features. Documentation is available in PDF format or from the console itself.

Standard 24/7 phone, email and web support is available at an additional cost of 18 percent of the license fee. Additional levels of support are available.