Here at SC Labs, we are always excited to see new products come into the marketplace, and this is one of those times. The folks over at Sophos have begun to creep into the mobile device security game and, for a first release, this product brings some solid features. Sophos Mobile Control offers administrators a way to maintain security across many different devices, including Apple iOS, Google Android and Windows Mobile. This tool allows secure email access, remote locking and wiping, and application control.

Deployment consists of setting up the server portion and then registering devices with the server. All policy management is done through an intuitive web GUI that is easy to navigate thanks to a well-organized layout. Using the management console, administrators can easily build configuration profiles and group them according to device types.

On the user side of things, they can access a self-service portal to easily complete tasks, such as enrolling their device or wiping or locking their device, without needing to involve the administrator.

PDF documentation included a full administrator guide and various client user guides. We found all guides and manuals to be well-organized.

Sophos offers full email- and phone-based technical support, 24/7, to customers, as well as other flexible support options.

At a price starting at around $65 per device, we find this tool to be an excellent value for the money. While it is only on its first release, we are sure that Sophos Mobile Control is going to keep moving forward and become more feature rich.