StrikeForce Technologies ProtectID is a multifactor authentication platform using out-of-band phone (PIN, OTP via SMS, OTP via voice), OTP via email, hard token and OATH compliant soft token client (desktop/BlackBerry/J2ME phone) for authentication.

The solution is delivered as software, but we evaluated it in a virtual environment. There are several modules that need to be loaded, and multiple operating system dependencies that you must have installed first. We did not test the installation of the software as we were supplied a virtual machine. We were provided a look at the installation process and it did possess a rather institutive installer that guided administrators through the process.

This solution really strived to use something you had already by turning it into your token for strong authentication. Any portable device that was Java enabled could become a token: a PC with a client became a token, out-of-band voice or PIN to a cell phone options, along with the traditional array of various soft and hard token support.

The management interface is a web-based console featuring role-based delegated administration. Reporting and detailed audit logging are provided.

Nice options available to the end-user include a self-service password reset application and a self-service provisioning interface. There is support for integration with most web-based applications.

The product did have enterprise capabilities, such as authentication redundancy features, allowing an organization to set up both a primary and a secondary method of authentication in case the primary method is broken, missing or unavailable. This reduces costly password-related help desk calls.

Support is provided for 90 days, and upgrade options are available after that. We did not see a knowledge base or access to the documentation on the company's website.

We like the concept of this product. It worked well, but it requires substantial effort to configure and maintain.