Enterprise Security for Endpoints is software solution comprised of Trend Micro's OfficeScan suite of modules, as well as a series of plug-ins, which customers can enable depending on the level of protection required. The solution consists of a backend server product, centralized web-console for administration and various client endpoint packages. The client and server software both run on Microsoft Windows and the client agents can also be installed on Macs and some mobile operating systems.   

Installation was quick. We were using the web-based administrative console in a matter of minutes. The console interface communicates to the management server through a series of ActiveX controls for a more granular and interactive experience.  Overall administration is incredibly easy and we found everything we were looking for without any problems. From a management perspective, the solution has all the enterprise features, such as reporting, notifications, role-based access control and more.

Deploying agents to client machines is also easy. Agents can be fetched from a URL or pushed using the management console. Trend has opted to take a plug-in approach to its solution. At the very heart of Enterprise Security for Endpoints is Trend's extensive malware protection, but other features are available as well.

An intrusion defense firewall plug-in is available, which adds a granular firewall and HIPS protection to endpoints. This includes controlling access to removable media and protecting web browsing and monitoring for non-compliant application use. The solution also integrates with Cisco NAC, which provides host integrity and compliance checking. Additionally, Trend provides real-time cloud-based threat intelligence and distributes the reputation data to the client endpoints. All of the features are controlled through an easy-to-use policy management interface. Overall, we were impressed with the ease of use, management features and endpoint protection options for the solution.  

Documentation is available via PDF documents or accessed through the server console itself. We found all of the information to be helpful, especially an accompanying best practice deployment guide.

Standard maintenance is included with the purchase of the product and includes phone and email support during business hours (12-hour day). Three additional support levels are also available. We award this product our BEST BUY.