The Tripwire Log Center captures and collects logs from several devices and network sources and stores them in their raw unaltered state for correlation and analysis. This product also features log management capabilities for complete cataloging of logs and events for compliance and forensic analysis.

We found the installation of this product to be easy and straightforward. The software itself is comprised of two installers. The first is the Log Center services and database integration setup, and the second is the Log Center Console. After installation, all configuration and management is done through the Log Center Console application. We found this console to be nicely organized with an intuitive design. The console can also be set up and customized with two different layouts to fit users' specific needs.

This product can also be integrated with Tripewire's Enterprise platform to add the capture of change information. With this integration, the user can place correlation results from both Log Center and Enterprise, and determine if suspicious activity is malicious or just an anomaly.

Documentation included an installation guide, as well as an online help document. The installation illustrates all the steps necessary to get the software up and running and includes a detailed step-by-step procedure. The help file provides a great amount of detail on how to use and configure the product complete with many step-by-step instruction that are easy to follow, as well as many screen shots. We would have liked to see an actual user guide, but this help file was sufficient for our needs.

Tripwire provides many support options as part of two support plans that can be purchased as part of maintenance agreements. Some of these options include 24/7 phone and email support, product updates and upgrades, and access to an online support portal with a knowledge base, user forum and many other support resources.

At a price starting at just under $20,000, we find this product to be a good value for the money. Log Center provides a nice amount of correlation features, as well as forensic capabilities in an easy-to-use application.