DIGIPASS 760 is a trusted hardware device for visual transaction-signing that creates a secure optical communication channel between the end-user (client) and the organization (server). This product makes use of QR reader functionality where a unique code is generated as a token for the transaction. The DIGIPASS 760 is then used to read the QR code and give the user the unique one-time code generated for the transaction. The device can be used in conjunction with a custom application in order to create a secure two-factor authentication transaction. It can also work with mobile platforms to ensure secure communication between user and the server.

VASCO's product was very easy to set up. We removed the DIGIPASS 760 hardware device from the package, powered on and connected to the demo website created for testing. The hardware device is the size of a small wallet and is used to decrypt the information displayed in the cyrptogram for verification. Once powered on and using its built-in camera, we connected to the VASCO authentication web address and decrypted the cryptogram. The cryptogram provided us with the activation license that we validated with company's website. At this point, the basic setup was complete and the DIGIPASS 760 device was ready.

The device is easy to use, seeing as we simply pointed the device at the cryptogram and received the code on the screen. The other component was the setup of IDENTIKEY and DIGIPASS gateway on our backend server. IDENTIKEY is the access-management software installed in order to validate user login on web-hosted applications. The entire security package gives users the ability to integrate security with the development of both mobile- and cloud-based applications. But most importantly it can give users an ease of mind when implemented for transaction security. The DIGIPASS 760 is used to validate the user with the generation of a unique signature. A very important aspect to this service is that no sensitive data, including account or cardholder information, is stored as part of any transaction, which alleviates the burden from the organization and further protects user data.

VASCO's product ships with a plethora of clear and concise documentation. Also included is an entire Developer's Guide to Secure Mobile Applications, as well as a DIGIPASS for Mobile Integration Guide. The guides are very easy to read and provide plenty of screen shots for step-by-step integration and implementation of their software. With all the provided documentation, we had more than enough information to get the product successfully setup.

Both the DIGIPASS 760 and DIGIPASS for Mobile provide clients with basic no-cost or fee-based support options. The fee-based option offers 5/10 and 24/7 support that varies depending on the initial amount of licenses purchased. Levels of support vary from standard to a remote assistance package. Those fees include phone, email and web assistance, but can be customized based on need.

Overall, both the DIGIPASS 760 and DIGIPASS for Mobile security packages can provide users with an ease of mind for security. Whether for secure transactions, secure communication or mobile and cloud app security, these VASCO products are well worth checking for users with security on their minds.